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How to approach your heroes (3 non-creepy techniques)

by | Jul 29, 2014 | Networking, Top 9 Post

“Here’re just a few things you can do to ensure that you don’t come across like a crazy stalker.”
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Whether you want to get in with the network of your local business hero, or you’re planning to climb much higher mountains, you’ll need to make the first move.

After all, you’re the one who wants something, right?

(That’s not saying your heroes might not want something from you eventually – only that they don’t know it, yet.)

But, there are ways to approach your heroes – and creepy methods to avoid. Here’re just a few things you can do to ensure that you don’t come across like a crazy stalker.

Remember basic etiquette… always

Would like it if some pushed their way into your life, started demanding things and forgot to use basic manners? Of course not.

Whether you run into your hero in person at a cocktail function, or you need to reach out on twitter, we know it sounds basic, but remember your manners.  Sometimes people get slightly over awed and become more than a little pushy.

Also, if you connect over social media, don’t ask for lots of things or make demands – you wouldn’t do it face-to-face, would you?

Keep it simple

How short can you keep your request? Does it need all the back story? Cut your request to the minimum length required, regardless whether you meet over the internet or in person.

Don’t forget to thank your hero for his or her time. (That of course also applies in every instance you reach out – even if your hero doesn’t respond.)

Be yourself and be utterly genuine

No one likes a faker, and most people can spot them from miles away. Be yourself when reaching out to your hero; it may be you on your best behaviour, but it should still be you.

Better still – show how much you care. That concern could be for the same cause that your hero supports, or even a concern that you’re not sure they share. Most people will be at least a little interested as soon as you demonstrate just how important something is to you.

Take action!

Not sure you’ve got a hero to reach out to, but still want to improve your network? You can get started on that immediately.

  • Join a mastermind group (we run some excellent ones) – These groups will expand your network exponentially, and you’ll also gain new insights into your own world.
  • Practice networking – Head out to networking events, and join groups aimed at bringing groups of people together. Soon, reaching out to new people will seem easy.
  • Go through your own lists – You’ve probably got an untapped network right under your nose that you’ve never explored. Go through all your lists and see if there’s someone you should connect with today.


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