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Apparently many people just HATE work

by | Aug 12, 2014 | Location Independence

“Most people truly enjoy working; they just hate their jobs.”
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Ever wonder why people are leaving their jobs in droves and seeking a location-independent lifestyle?

And, ever consider the number of people who stay put, but suffer silently? People hate work. Are you one of them?

Okay, it’s not that people hate work. Most people truly enjoy working; they just hate their jobs. And why not? It seems that every year you’re asked to do more, without any job security, without proportional raises. And, on top of that, there’s a good chance that you’re not working on passion projects.

If you hate your job, you’re not alone.

According to recent Gallup Polls, 30% of Americans are engaged with their jobs. You’re not likely to have an easier time of it if you live outside the US.

According to Gallup, only 13% of worldwide workers are engaged with their jobs. That’s shocking.

Are the rest of the world’s employees disengaged then? Yes. They’re disengaged – or worse. 24% of the global workforce is actively disengaged with their jobs. You know you’re one of them if you hate your job so much that you don’t care who hears about it – that includes colleagues, spouses, friends, clients and customers.

But, what’s the point of engagement?

You’re right; sometimes there’s no point in becoming or remaining engaged with your company. It’s not the same environment as it used to be; a job for life is unlikely to happen, at best. Employees spend less time with an employer than ever before – and often that’s by choice (though the recent downturn in the economy did push some people out of their intended job-for-life comfort zone).

And that’s not the only difficulty. It’s difficult to engage when there are bad managers at every turn. Don’t worry, we’re not insulting all managers, we happen to know some really lovely ones that are good at what they do.) But statistics show that poor management is one of the critical reasons that employees become disengaged.

Perhaps it’s not a bad thing. Today’s marketplace is an entrepreneurial oyster. You can shrug off the effects of a terrible manager, or a lack of job security. And, it could just save your life. Work stress can, in fact, kill you.

Take action!

What can you do if you hate your job? For a start, you can stop feeling sorry for yourself. You have options; even if you can’t see them yet. Give yourself a moment to breathe, and then get to work on the future you want to have.

Consider coaching

Honestly, coaches just want you to succeed and be happy doing it. And sometimes, you need a hand to sort out what your next step should be. And, if group work is more your style, you can easily join a mastermind group. It’ll help you overcome hurdles in your current job – and help you prepare for the next step.

Get your finances under control

If your finances are the one thing standing between you and another job, then you know you need to spend some time sorting your money. We’ve got some handy worksheets that’ll help you get on track – and stay there. And, most of our tools are completely free; you just need to ask for them.

Get networking and get your CV or resume in order

You never know when opportunity will strike, and you’ll want to be prepared when it does.


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Believe it or not, plenty of the friendly folks over at Rethink Central hated their jobs at one point or another. They moved on from that awful place and so can you. And, if you hate or hated your job at one point, why not chime in to a discussion below? We’d love to help you out of that situation – or cheer you if you have done it already!


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