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5 minute yoga while waiting at the bar

by | Jul 24, 2014 | 5 min workout, Yoga

“Why not challenge yourself this weekend?”
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Unless you and all your chums arrived in the same car, then it’s likely that someone will arrive early for your night on the town.

Believe it or not, you can do yoga at the bar without anyone noticing you’re taking those few minutes to stretch. Intrigued?

Why not challenge yourself this weekend?

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is all about understanding the balance of your body. However, standing stock still without making any eye contact, is likely to make some people notice. Try doing this pose while still acknowledging the people around you – or wait until you’re in the queue for the loo.

Stand with your big toes touching and your heels slightly apart. Focus on shifting your weight until it is evenly balanced between your feet and between the front and back of each foot. It may take a moment, so don’t worry if it doesn’t come naturally.

Maintain this balance as you elongate your legs, and then lengthen your tailbone towards the floor with your pubis tucking in towards your navel. Straighten your spine and pull your shoulder blades back towards the centre of your back, allowing your arms to fall to the sides of the body comfortably, lengthening gently through the fingers. Ensure your chin is parallel with the floor as you allow your entire body to soften while still holding the length and balance. Hold this pose for a minute as you concentrate on your breathing.

Buttock clenches

You can do these while you’re standing – or sitting, as long as your body weight is evenly distributed. However, you do need to know that this squeeze does produce a visible movement – so you may want to check your surroundings first.

Stand, or sit with your feet close to each other and facing forward. Lengthen your spine, and pull your belly button towards your back. Then squeeze your buttocks as tight as you can, noticing that you may be clenching your thighs at the same time (that’s okay).

Release and repeat. Continue squeezing and releasing for two minutes. If it’s difficult to reach two minutes, try alternating sides to increase your strength.

Calf stretches

These are likely to achieve much better results when standing, though you can modify this stretch if you are sitting at a table. Fortunately, no one will see these stretches – or notice much if they do.

Stand with your feet facing forward in front of the bar – or a barstool. You’ll want to lift your toes to rest on a vertical surface, so aim to find a sturdy furniture support that your toes can reach.

Allow your body’s weight to become evenly distributed, with your arms resting at your sides, or holding on to the object in front of you for support. Lift your right foot, bending your knee slightly, so that your toes touch the support in front of you about 10 cm (4”) off the ground. Bring your right heel to the floor, bending your ankle so you can leave your toes elevated. Press forward onto your toes until you feel a stretch in your calf.

Hold this position for 30 seconds then switch sides; repeat this stretch at least once on each side.

Oh – and don’t forget you can do Kegel exercises anytime and anywhere. And truthfully, the bar is a pretty good place to do them.

Take action!

Practice your bar yoga routine now so that you’ll remember to do it next time you’re at the pub. If you’re keen on this routine, why not try some of these:


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