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5 minute pilates at the supermarket

by | May 17, 2013 | 5 min workout, Pilates, Yoga

“Pelvic floor exercises aren’t just for the ladies, both men and women can benefit from them.”
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We all know how it works; you’ve been manic at work all week and there’s simply nothing in the house.

You need to eat, so does your family.

And so, in a dash between the office and home, you pull into your local supermarket. You just want to pick up a few things to make a decent meal for once. You grab your basket, round the aisles and then… queues at every till.

Before you decide that stopping off for a fast food is a better option, take a deep breath and get ready for a terrific 5 minute pilates workout that will keep you energised while you whip up that deliciously healthy meal at home.

Pelvic floor strengthening

Pelvic floor exercises aren’t just for the ladies, both men and women can benefit from them. Simply contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles. Hold for 10 seconds, release for 3 seconds. Repeat this action 3 to 4 times for the best result.

Stomach tightening

Although we list it here, this is an exercise that you should be doing almost constantly. It will make miraculous differences to your posture, your youthful figure and dare we even say, your sex life. Oh yes.

Simply pull your belly button towards your back and hold it there. If you are out of practice, then perform this pull for 30 seconds. Then, relax and repeat twice more. If you are vigilant about your stomach muscles, simply focus on these muscles while you breathe deeply for a few moments.

Tension releasing

Now this one is likely to draw a little more attention to you, but is stunningly effective all the same. And lets face it, if you’ve been in the line long enough… you’ll be beyond caring what other people think.

Standing flat on one foot, pull your other knee up as close as you can to your chest, while maintaining a straight spine. Hold this posture for 30 seconds, feeling the stretch of your muscles in your upper thighs through to your hip. Release and do the same with your other leg. Repeat at least once more on each side.

If you are still stuck in that queue, you may feel the tension has gone away, and you are ready to face the challenges of evening. All the same, a few extra neck rolls won’t hurt; simply relax your shoulders and roll your head slowly from one side to the other.

Take Action!

Even if you’re reading this sat at your desk – try a couple of those neck rolls right now.

Then try tighten your stomach muscles – as though you’re pulling your belly button back to your spine. Hold for a count of 10, then release. Now repeat.

See, with no effort at all you’ve just done a mini stealth workout.


This is part of our popular 5 minute yoga series – yoga you can sneak into your day in tiny little chunks to keep you fit and supple without having to drag yourself to the gym. Many of them are even shorter than 5 minutes. There’s really sneaky!

There’s a new one every Friday – a mix of short videos and posts like this one. Check these to give you a taste:

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If you’ve got a yoga pose you do in the supermarket please post it below. Go on, share it – you know other people would love to hear if you’re secretly doing your Kegel exercises at the checkout…

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