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Four things you didn’t even know you COULD detox

by | May 20, 2014 | Detox, Networking, Time Management

“You’ll feel like the weight of the world has been released from your shoulders almost instantly.”
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These days, it’s all cleanse your body for a month here and detox your love life there. And, it makes perfect sense too.

We all have plenty of toxins and negativity that build up over time. Often, we don’t even notice how much extra baggage we’re carrying around until we let go of it; and then it feels brilliant.

That’s exactly why Rethink Central is really keen on detoxing all the areas of people’s lives that could be holding them back.

And, there are a few things that you probably didn’t even know you could detox, but you probably should – and quickly too. You’ll feel like the weight of the world has been released from your shoulders almost instantly.

Your social media

Are you complaining about your day on Facebook? Or perhaps you’re compulsively checking your twitter? Neither one is good for you, nor is it healthy for the people in your life – including your cyber friends as much as your family.

Give your social media a bit of a rest, spend a few days away from it all, and post positive messages when you do reconnect. Soon, you won’t believe how much better you feel.

Your to-do list

Have you got an overwhelming to-do list? You know, the kind that makes you squirm at how little you’re able to accomplish in a day? If you do, then you absolutely must detox it now. There’s a good chance that you’re still holding on to items that have become obsolete, and an even better chance that you can slice through half of the items you’ve been putting off.

Want to know how? Check out this video about the Toad and the Tomato.

Your schedule

Spending all your time at work? Never have time for yourself between the running from one place to the next? That’s a sure sign that you need to detox your schedule. It’s wonderful when you’re happy to spend all your time and energy at work, but the people in your life need you too.

Take some time to reassess your diary, rather than just slotting in new appointments whenever you can get them. Oh, and you should really see this video.

Your relationship with numero uno

If you’ve ever listened to your inner voice and just felt awful about what it’s telling you, it’s because you’re telling yourself the wrong things. Yes, you’d like to be a better human being (everyone would), but you aren’t going to get there if you keep running yourself down.

Spend some time loving yourself a bit more and you’ll quickly discover how much faster you grow. Whatever you do, stop being so hard on yourself – you don’t deserve it.

Take action!

Got an area of your life that’s making you unhappy? Chances are you can detox it. And, you really shouldn’t wait another minute to do it; all that negativity is simply not good for your health.

Write out a list of all the things that are making you unhappy; then plan a detox. Remember that some things (like a social media addiction) are probably not directly a source of unhappiness, but they could be the underlying cause.

Take a look at the videos above – they’re ridiculously helpful, even if you don’t think you need to cleanse those areas of your life. They’re very handy just to organise your time a little more effectively.

It’s also a great idea to detox your body when you’re working on other areas of your life. Why not cut something out of your diet that you know you shouldn’t be having? Or, go in for the full treatment.


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What’s the coolest detox you’ve ever done? Or perhaps you want some guidance on detoxing a specific area of your life? Pop us a message below; we’d love to hear from you either way.


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