3 ways to make this New Year's Resolution different

3 ways to make sure this New Year is different

by | Dec 31, 2013 | Life Spring Cleaning

“Don’t wait until 1 January to start working on next year. Give yourself a head start now:”
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Every year, towards the end of the year, people naturally reflect on what they’ve achieved – and what they haven’t.

Most people start the year believing they’re going to get a lot more done, that they’ll have achieved more. And once they have a chance to stop and reflect, there are a lot of disappointed people.

You can make a few changes now to make sure that you’re not one of them – and that this New Year is different.

Establish your time

Get yourself a time management system (even if you need to pay for a programme) – and be extremely vigilant about adhering to it for the first month. And don’t forget to schedule all the little things that you never seem to have time for – like collecting your receipts for tax time, and other such admin.

Don’t wait

If the only time you pause to consider how much has been done, and what you still want to do, is at the end of the year – then you’re doing it wrong. You’ll need to take stock more often if you truly want to achieve your goals. (TIP: Schedule an hour or two every month to check in on yourself.)

Refurbish your goals

If you’ve got existing goals, but you’ve strayed away from them, or you’ve never gotten around to writing them down and breaking them into milestones, then it’s a fantastic time to refurb your goals. You can always set a new one when you finish what’s on your plate, but focus on what you’re already working on, and revising your goals if they need it.

If you’re one of the lucky few who’ve achieved a lot more than anticipated – imagine how much more you can do by following these tips. We know that you can always improve on your successes to achieve even more.

Take action!

Don’t wait until 1 January to start working on next year. Give yourself a head start now:

Take a look at our time management posts for inspiration on systems that’ll work for you. If you’re attached to your phone or your iPad, why not consider an app that does a lot of the organisational work for you?

Spend time reflecting on your goals, and how to refine them over the next few days – that way, you’ll have clarity when it’s time to sit and work through them.

Remember that the more you put into yourself – the better results you’ll get. Invest in coaching, or join a mastermind group that’s aimed at overcoming specific challenges. Either one will speed up your ability to deliver, and keep you motivated as you work.


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Got another idea on making the New Year different? Post it below – and make this coming year work for everyone!


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