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The Action Mastermind 2019

Fall in love with your business again

*Note: Mastermind groups are in the region of US$1500 a Month

Everything about your business is… ok

You make money

But it’s erratic, happens in a feast and famine cycle and is really hard work.

You’ve got clients

But you’re never quite sure where they’re going to come from. Everything just sort of … happens. Most of the time, anyway. (And let’s not talk about those months where things don’t quite come together).

You’re willing to work

But in doing all the things, all the time, you’ve got yourself so turned around you don’t even know whether all the work you’re doing is leading to any tangible results.

If you’re really honest with yourself, you think you might have hit a plateau.

You worry your business is never going to make it to the big leagues. Maybe you’ve spent all your time, money, and energy for nothing more than half-hearted success.

Sound familiar?

You’ve got a problem

Look, you can limp along in business indefinitely

You can pour yourself into keeping things going with duct tape and safety pins, only to realize years later that all you’ve got to show for it is a lot of frustration.

Meanwhile, everyone around you seems to move effortlessly from success to success.

Want to know the insider secret

to making your business a genuine success?

See the problem is our society has an ongoing narrative:

If you work very hard and care very much, then eventually you’ll succeed as a business owner.


The real secret to business success is simple:

1. Do the things that work

2. Stop doing the things that don’t work

3. Do this consistently and you will succeed

Just one problem –– you can’t do this alone, because you’re too close to your business to see all the ins and outs and you’ll lose heart in isolation.

This whole entrepreneur thing can be very isolating.

The people who try to do it by themselves are the ones who lose heart and quit.

The people who grow their bootstrap businesses into thriving grown-up businesses…

get help!

This is why every high powered coach, every thought leader, and every single successful business owner has their own coach to guide them, and a cohort of people dedicated to their growth and success.

In other words, a mastermind.

They know it’s impossible to get the kind of perspective, growth, and accountability on their own or even just with coaching. You have to have both the expert and the group.

With that combination, done well,

You’re Unstoppable!

Why am I the right person to help you?

(or who the hell is this Liz Scully woman anyway?!)

I worked in the film industry for 20 years, working on big Hollywood projects and my work has been seen by millions worldwide. (I guarantee if you’re over the age of 35 you’ve seen my work).

Working on Hollywood films gave me a superpower:

I learned to quickly suss out the ins and outs of how a project was running, to see where the issues were, particularly where things were stuck.

What’s more, I’d pinpoint changes to iron them out so a total nightmare of misaligned priorities, money sucks, and wasted energy became

a smooth-running, money-spinning machine

built to leverage the very best of people’s genius.

This made me one of the best people in the world at creating simple solutions to get complex projects going in the right direction again.

Plus it gave me a whole shelf-full of awards:

My work in film won me an Emmy, as well as multiple Oscar nominations and BAFTAs for my work.

Best of all, it gave me 

a unique talent for helping amazing people

come together to translate all their genius and passion into great work. 

Talent I now use to help business owners all over the world finally find the success they’ve been slogging away for so long to get.

Doing less is the key to achieving more

Stop being distracted by what everyone else is doing and work out where the money is in your own business. Focus on those areas and ditch all the other time-wasting actions.

A large part of the strategy work we’ll do is prying your death like grip on the things you feel you should be doing and channelling all that time and focus into an effective consistent client getting system.

.  Step 1 – Strategy

We’ll get clear on where the money comes into your business, ditch all the extraneous parts and streamline your entire system.

.  Step 2 – Consistency

Consistency is the next step – no point getting distracted again. Stay focused, we’ll work together as a group to keep you on track through the year.

.  Step 3 – Implementation

We’ll start full implementation immediately – carry on through the Cartagena Implementation Retreat (clue’s in the title). And each week in Mastermind we’ll check in and adjust as needed.

Remember that with Masterminds we’re building solid lasting change – you’ll put in stack of work this year and see results. But it’s next year you’ll be reaping your massive rewards. That’s why people stay with me year-on-year – each year a step forward and a step up.

Join The Action Mastermind

and find out what it’s like to finally be the CEO of a grown-up business.

*Note: Mastermind groups are in the region of US$1500 a Month

Why you want to Mastermind with me specifically:

1.  I’m the only person in the world who teaches

          Masterminding professionally. 

I run the world’s only Mastermind Coaching school and I’ve created an International Mastermind Certificate as part of my ongoing mission to standardize the industry and create a Federation of Mastermind Excellence. I’m not just the person at the top of the industry –– I am the industry.

2.  I’m the person many of the best coaches in the world

          consult with and hire to run their Masterminds.

A few of my clients include Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project, Kathy Caprino of The Amazing Career Project, Julia Pimsleur of Million Dollar Women, Tim Brownson of A Daring Adventure, Jadah Selner of Simple Green Smoothies, and Kendrick Shope of Authentic Selling.

3.  My clients get results.

Most people stay with a mastermind group for six months, maybe a year.

My clients stay with me for years because the process works. They see their income double, and then double again. Then they start making the kind of money they used to make in a year with one email. They become known as an expert among their business friends, then among their industry, then around the world. And it just gets better from there.

Here’s how The Action Mastermind works:

We start by drilling down into your business in  1-2-1 deep-dive. Together over 90 minutes, we’ll get to know all the moving parts of your business, expose what isn’t working, and set goals for the year.

Then over the course of the year, you and your Mastermind cohort — AKA your new business besties — will join me on twice-monthly exclusive, outcome-driven Mastermind calls.

As a group, we’ll hold each other accountable for progressing towards your goals, encourage each other, and get live coaching from me.


After a year of doing the right things with the right support at the right time, I can promise you you’ll have the foundations in place to make your business unrecognizable.

You’ll be working more smoothly, earning more easily and all set to scale.

Instead of an occasionally successful stop-and-start business, you’ll have a well-honed, grown-up business set up for long-term, sustainable growth.

*Note: Mastermind groups are in the region of US$1500 a Month

The extras:

The Rethink Course Library

The Learning Toolbox:

As soon as you join the Mastermind you’ll have access to all of the recorded courses in the Rethink learning portal.

The 30-day Rethink: Ideas to MasterClass

You’ll learn my complete framework to create training lightening fast to draw your audience towards you.

The Avatar Academy

This 6-week deep-dive will have you not only clear on who your clients are, but exactly where they’re stuck – so you’ll know how exactly you can help. Create training and products around these issues and you’ll convert them to raving fans.

The Ultimate Avatar Toolkit

As part of the Avatar Academy you’ll also receive the Ultimate Avatar Toolkit. This brings all your Avatar learning onto one simple graphic page. This is the key to onboarding staff and freelancers fast to who you help and your business mission.

The Hero’s Journey

Story is a strategy for growth and the heart of your business positioning. Taking the heart of my work at Dreamworks I’ve simplified the complexity of the Hero’s Journey. You need to understand this – in 30 minutes you will.

Take your time. You have all year to dig into the material and the Toolbox is yours to keep after the program.

With the Learning Toolbox you’ll have all tools to go deep on exactly who you’re serving, where they feel pain and how you can help. You’ll know how to weave story around that and create training that will serve your audience so they fall in love with both you and your business.

*Note: The Learning Toolbox does not include my live Mastering Mastermind course. 

 – You’ll Receive –


Two luxurious in-person opportunities


The Deep-Dive Intensive

I’d love for you to join me for a 3 hour 1-2-1 intensive a very posh members only club in New York City. During this time, we’ll explore every nook and cranny of your business and get you set up with some solid goals to work on throughout the year. 

This is big picture strategy for the next 3 years – where you want to be, how you want to feel and most importantly, how we’re going to get you there. It’s time to dream and time to plan. Together, while sipping a fancy cocktail.

I normally charge upwards of $3K for this kind of consulting, but if you act fast it’s absolutely free. Everything from the cake and champagne right through to the expert consultation is on me.

When: We’ll work with you to book your date in February 2019 

Alternatively: Add a day to your time in Cartagena and we’ll deep-dive there just you, me and your big plans

 – Fast Action Bonus –


The 5 days of focus

You also have the opportunity to join me for an exceptionally luxurious implementation retreat at a top-secret location in gorgeous Cartagena! I’ll tell you the actual location closer to time, but let me just say this … it’s the kind of stunning surroundings you don’t want to miss.

Together, we’ll soak in the tropical climate, learn from each other, and get more done in 5 days than you would ever imagine. You’ll leave having done much of the work actually on retreat, during our time together (rather than bogged down with yet more to do when you get home).

You should especially get in on this if you’re thinking about running a fancy Mastermind or retreat for your clients down the road because this is the very best way to learn how to do it. How can you hope to provide something you haven’t experienced yourself?

Oh and Cartagena is a UNESCO world heritage site – that means it’s so beautiful it’s being preserved for all of humanity. So there’s that.

BONUS: Choose to pay-in-full and you’re guaranteed a single room

When: April 10 – 14, 2019 

 – Implementation Retreat –

By the end of our year together, you’ll:

.  Have total clarity on what to do and how to do it

.  Stop flailing about doing a million things

You’ll no longer be hoping you’ll hit on the one thing that leads to real traction. (Plus you’ll have loads more time, because you no longer feel like you have to do all the things.)

.  Know where the money really comes from in your business

And exactly how to leverage that to dramatically increase your income.

.  Develop crystal clear positioning for your brand

You’ll have a unique story to make your target market fall in love with you from minute one.

.  Be able to confidently step forward as the CEO

You’ll have a thriving business that’s optimized to run like clockwork, and actually supports the lifestyle you want to have, instead of sucking the life out of you.

.  Know how to host high-touch, fancy Masterminds and retreats yourself

These kinds of offerings are the wave of the future, and learning how to be great at them before everyone else figures it out is one of the very best ways to ride this wave.

And you’ll have a cohort of highly motivated people just like you who are thrilled to support you, grow with you, and celebrate with you as you take your business to the next level of success.

Let’s recap. 

As a member of The Action Mastermind, you’re getting:

  • An initial 90-min business deep-dive to start. Worth $1500

  • 20 Mastermind sessions with a group hand-picked to complement your strengths and support your growth. Worth $15,000

  • Quarterly 1-2-1 calls with me. Worth $2250

  • Bonus gratitude session in December. Worth $750

  • Guest Mastermind hosts throughout the year. Priceless

  • Access to my online course library. Worth $1290

The Avatar Academy 

The Ultimate Avatar Toolkit

The 30-Day Rethink: Ideas to MasterClass  

The Hero’s Journey 

  • An invitation to a 3-hour intensive with me in New York City and get a running start at the year. February. Worth $3,000

  • An invitation to a luxury retreat in Cartagena to supercharge your implementation and teach you firsthand how to add a luxe, high-touch element to your business. April 10-14. Worth $5000.

Value – a whopping $28,700

Be QUick & Get even more!


Join before February 8, 2019

You get the 1-2-1 intensive in New York or Cartagena with me for free. I’ve never done this before, and I may never do it again, so if you were looking for one more reason to jump in, this is it. Worth $3,000

Plus a guaranteed single room at the retreat, should you choose to attend.

PAY IN FULL & scoop an extra $3000 discount

Clients who commit so fully always get the best results – so I’ll reward you for jumping in (hey, it works for both of us – and it’s a tidy chunk of cash you’ll save).

And if you’re choosing the retreat option, you’ll also score a guaranteed single room.

Payment options also available

Well, this all sounds great. What’s the cost?

This program’s for you if:


  • You can’t wait to get clear on your business and know exactly how to leverage your strengths for massive traction and growth. 
  • You’re ready to enjoy a steady stream of clients and cash, and take the limits off your business’s future. 
  • You’ve thought about running a Mastermind or fancy retreat for your clients. (If you haven’t experienced one, how the hell can you expect to run one?!) 
  • You want your business to be well set to weather the coming ups and downs in the global market. 
  • You’ve got the cashflow to support an ongoing investment in your business.

(Hint: if you’re paying for courses, coaching, Facebook ads, or all the other things business owners shell out for, you probably do).

This program’s NOT for you if:


• You’re looking for help with your Facebook ads, tracking pixels and marketing nitty gritty

We’re looking at positioning and resonance, not the mechanics of Facebook ad setup.

• You’re a negative, non-team player, who knows it all 

We’re a team, this isn’t for you (Masterminds as a whole might not be for you either. They thrive as a group)

• You don’t like swearing

I’m sorry (#notSorry), I grew up in three ports. I swear like the proverbial sailor

• The cost of the course will cause serious financial hardship 

• You’re dealing with a major mental health issue 

There’s a lot of moving parts in this program. We’ll be here for you when you’re back to yourself and through this rough patch. Right now, concentrate on you and get well.

• You just need a one hour one-to-one intensive, not a full program

Please mail for ways you can borrow my brain for intensives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Mastermind going to fix my business?

Nope. The magical business-fixing pixies are on strike this year, and won’t be stopping by to wave their wands and sort out your business overnight.

I will say this though: you show up and do the work, and I guarantee you won’t recognize your business in a year’s time, it — and you — are going to change and grow so much. Show up and faff around, or expect me (or the business pixies) to do the work for you, and you won’t get anything out of it. Up to you.

Why should I do a Mastermind with you specifically?

Most people who run mastermind groups do so because someone else told them they should. They don’t actually know how to make them work.

I do.

In fact, I’m so good at it, top coaches and Masterminders around the world call me their secret weapon. What could you do with the brain behind Jonathan Fields, Kathy Caprino, and Julia Pimsleur’s Masterminds focused on your business? Let’s find out. 

What's the schedule?

The Mastermind calls are every two weeks via Zoom. Each call is two hours long; you must be on time and you must be present for at least 80% of the calls. 

Mastermind sessions start March 6th – (Which group you join, depends on the group that best suits your needs).  Mastermind calls are every two weeks after that till November 13th. Exact times confirmed once the group is formed. Call times will work for US/Australia and points between!

Your Mastermind Year:

January – we’ll schedule your 90-minute strategy call with me as soon as you’re all signed up. We’ll dive deep into your 2019 goals.

February – Pay in full and get the 3-hour NYC Intensive. We’ll meet for cocktails and strategize your next 3 years.

March – Our Masterminding sessions start in earnest (start date March 6th) and 90-min deep dives for late joiners

April 10-11th – the Implementation Retreat in Cartagena (it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, and utterly gorgeous).

May – As well as our usual Mastermind sessions, guest hosts will join you in through the year | Dates to be confirmed

June – Your Q2 1-2-1 session with me – 45 mins to keep you on track

July – We continue to Mastermind and implement

August – Guest Mastermind Host for one session

September – Your Q3 1-2-1 session with me

October – Guest Mastermind Host for one session

November – We close our Mastermind sessions just before US Thanksgiving

December – Your Q4 1-2-1 session & our Bonus Gratitude session to round out the year.


What if I can’t make all the calls?

While the calls are recorded, you must be able to attend for at least 80% of them. Why? Because if you want to successfully take your business into maturity, you have to show up. We can’t help you if you’re not there, and the group can’t create those deep, lasting bonds that make you truly invested in each-other’s success. So check your diary carefully before committing.

What if I do the first couple of months and realize I don’t like it?

If you’re not at least 90% sure this is a fit by this point in the page, don’t dive in just yet… let’s chat about it. No strings. Click here

Why am I telling you to hold off until we have a call? Because my mastermind groups bond deeply. We hold the vision for each other’s goals, we’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders, and we form the kinds of relationships to see you through years of business together. It’s really special, and it means if someone drops out and breaks the bond, the whole group suffers.

And I’m protective of my groups and the people in them, so I take every possible precaution against breakups happening — including my Hotel California policy. Once you’re in, you’re in. No refunds.

Tell me more about the Cartagena Retreat!

What happens during the 5 days on Retreat:

This is an implementation retreat. So we’ll cover an aspect of your business every morning, talk about what we’ve learned over a long lazy lunch and then you’ll actually start the implementation in the afternoon. 

So when you leave you won’t have that feeling of a massive to do list waiting for you, plus all that work that’s been piling up while you’re away. No, you’ll leave this retreat rested, filled full of new ideas and with at least one of those fully ideated.

We’ll also do live in-person deep-dive spotlight sessions. These are life changing. In an hour in the spotlight, big things will shift and you’ll likely have at least one major lightbulb moment. And don’t worry they’re not at all scary or intimidating, this is a very safe place to get into the business nitty gritty and shift mindset easily. 

What’s included:

Food, accomodation, a few lovely surprises, even transport from Cartagena airport if you arrive on specified flights is included. Everything except your flight and alcoholic drinks. 

You won’t have to put your hand in your pocket for anything but a few trinkets in the market and perhaps some fancy cocktails if you hit the salsa bars. Salsa is huge in Cartagena.

Getting there:

Flights from the USA direct to Cartagena are around $500-$700 depending when you buy. If you’re lucky you can snag as low as $350 return.

Direct flights are available from many US airports

Arrive on a suggested flights and we’ll even pick you up at the airport. Is there anything as lovely as seeing your name held up on card just as you leave arrivals? Bliss

BONUS: Choose the pay-in-full bonus and you’re guaranteed a single room

When is it: April 10 – 14, 2019 

And that New York Intensive?

What happens during our 3 hours:

We’re going to dream your life three years from now – then build a practical, totally do-able path to get to there. This isn’t your average deep-dive. We’re going to look at exactly what you need to change to get to your dream: where you need to tweak your positioning, your message, your offerings. Where you need to step up and put the work in. We’re going to take that someday plan into a set of steps that leads to your goal. You’ll leave motivated, focused and ready to put in place this year, all you need for your coming success in future years.

This is the long-term planning most people avoid, because dreaming is easy, having a plan means you have to do the work and you might just end up being super successful just like you always wanted. 

What’s included:

We’ll meet in February on a date convenient to you. You arrive at our fancy-schmancy Manhattan venue and over a lush, healthy super-New-York lunch we’ll talk it all through and work on your plan. Then as we bask in the after-glow of all that clarity with a couple of dirty martini’s. Or juice, if you’re not a drinker, or on a cleanse or not doing sugar this month. Totes up to you, you’re in charge of what happens to you. 

This is the Fast Action Bonus: 

Pay in full by the February 7th and we meet in February in NYC.

Or if that’s too soon to squeeze in your diary, take an extra day in Cartagena and we’ll do our deep-dive in person on the 15th or 16th April.

What happens if I don't do the Cartagena retreat?

Well, you’ll have an amazing Mastermind at a great rate for the whole year (the no-retreat pricing is particularly good value). You’ll also have the 1-2-1 coaching sessions with me and access to the online training in the Learning Toolkit.

And if you pay in full before Feb 7th, you’ll also have the Fast Action bonus intensive in NYC with me. So you’ll have a wonderful set of tools and support to make this year amazing.

But, if you don’t go to Cartagena – then yes, likely you’ll have FOMO. You’ll hear the other Masterminders talking about their lovely lux trip. You’ll see quite how much they got done in their five days away and how much closer they are for having spent time sharing ideas in the real.

So, it’ll be fine if you choose not to do the Retreat, but it really will be fabulous if you can.

Can I just coach with you instead?

Joining The Action Mastermind is the best way to get access to me right now. While I do have a few coaching spots (and they are fabulous), they are also much more expensive, and I run a waitlist of six months minimum.

The Action Mastermind gives you guaranteed access to me, plus you get the group, the fancy retreat, and all the other delightful bonuses.

What do I do to join the Mastermind?

I’m so glad you asked! You click right here to apply.

Wait, I still have questions! Book a call

I finally started to make consistent monthly income that continues to grow

Liz Scully is my go-to when I am stuck. While working with her, she has coached me through the fundamentals of fine tuning my vision, avatar, and messaging. The year of Masterminding with her, my list grew 4x, my copywriting had more impact on my readers, I finally started to make consistent monthly income that continues to grow, and discovered my overall inner confidence strengthened and I really stepped into owning my value. Basically… if you choose not to work with Liz, you’ll miss out insane amounts of growth and lots of full-bellied giggles. It was an honor to work with such a caring and yet badass superwoman as Liz!

Christina Salerno

Founder & Lead Quirkologist, Living Quirky, NYC, USA, Living Quirky

We found $200,000 in 90 minutes (then another $140k 10 minutes later)

Simple tweaks to how I ask for business and manage my client referrals are set to double turnover in the coming year. It really was amazing how quickly Liz got to the heart of where we could improve things. And the changes are so simple to implement.

Michael Francis

Owner & Photographer, Michael Francis Photography, Toronto, Canada, Michael Francis Photography

She swoops in like a superhero and calms the chaos that’s been running your world

In one session, Liz helped me distill my decades of professional experience, assumptions, values, fears, passions and confusion into a crystal ball of realization. So just imagine what one of her Mastermind programs will do for your career and/or life.

She swoops in like a superhero and calms the chaos that’s been running your world for far too long. It’s her sneaky ability to wallop you upside the head with amazing clarity, been-there-done-that wisdom, and a huge dose of enthusiasm that that will make you say, “Where have you been all my life?”

Matt Olin

Owner, Matt Olin Creative, Charlotte, NC, USA, Matt Olin Creative

I could see where the money had been hiding

Working with Liz Scully gave me immense clarity. In under an hour we had a map for the shape of my business for the coming year. I could see exactly where the new revenue was coming from and where it had been hiding for the last years.

Heather Krakora

Photographer & Illustrator, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, &

Every leader needs a support team and a masterful guide

I’ve never been in a Mastermind group before. But I coach others and lead groups all the time as a film/theatre director and teacher. I’m learning that every leader needs a support team and a masterful guide to help us not lose our sanity. Liz Scully and the other inspiring participants give me the nudges and the creative strategies for how to refuel when I’m stuck or overwhelmed.

I’m just in love with this group. And of course with dear Liz who calls it like it is so we can be our best selves. Straight Talk Liz. Schedule with her and get a taste of her awesomeness

Heidi Marshall

Director & Actor Coach, NYC, USA,

Remind me what it all costs again?

Ultimately, it comes down to a very simple choice:

Do you want to spend 2019

doing the same thing you’ve been doing, getting

the same scattershot results?



Or do you want to be able to look back at 2019 as 

the year you

finally started running

a grown up business?

Get reliable results and

set yourself up for real growth

Join the Action Mastermind 2019

*Note: Mastermind groups are in the region of US$1500 a Month

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