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What’s a Mastermind all about?

Watch the video below to find out why you need this Mastermind.

*Investment in the region of $1600 a month x 10 months


Find the $$$ in your business with

The Success Mastermind

Where do you want your business to be at the end of 2017?


What get’s done in a Mastermind?


In the last two years Masterminders in my groups have:

  • launched 15 websites
  • published 3 books (with 11 more in development)
  • produced 2 series of a broadcast TV program
  • launched 3 podcasts, (with 3 more on the way)
  • 4 now produce regular monthly webinars
  • 18 online courses
  • 2 people have become regular Huffington Post contributors.
  • 5 people have totally changed career
  • written hundreds of blog posts and given away thousands of free optins.
  • 6 people sold their very first products online and launched their first courses.
  • 3 people have had their first ever $10k month
  • one their first $20k month
  • and one lucky soul, their first ever $30k month

What does a Mastermind feel like?


What Exactly Do I Get?

Your Mastermind group will keep you on track with top notch coaching from me and wonderful support from your co-Masterminders who share your goals and drive.

21 Mastermind Sessions:

We meet every two weeks for 10 months, with meetings spaced to give breathing room, but not lose traction on our goals.

We start week of the 7 Feb and run till 14 Nov 2017. Then a bonus session in December to keep you on track for 2018.  You’ll have support right the way through to year.  To keep us fresh, every quarter you’ll Mastermind with a specially selected expert coach to keep you on track with your goals.

You also join our exclusive Facebook group – a place to meet my other Masterminders and share and continue to support each other outside of our regular meetings. I’m in there all the time – it’s a great place to share our collective plans, thoughts and info.

One to One Coaching:

We’ll meet three times just us:

Before the Mastermind starts: a full 60 minute one-to-one strategy session to get clear on your goals for coming months of the Mastermind. We’ll look at exactly which part of your business you’re going to be focusing on in the first two quarters and where you’re energy is best placed.

Half way through the program: a full 60 minute coaching session to check in on your goals. The call will be in July and together we’ll make sure you’re on track, super focused and make any tweaks to those big goals that are needed.   This session will also allow you to absorb how far you’ve already come and celebrate the wins both big and small. Setting the brain up to expect success as normal is vital to rewiring yourself to become a goal achieving champ.

In November: Another full 60 minute one-to-one coaching call to make sure you’re all set with your next steps. It’s a crazy time of year for most people – so we refocus on what you need to do in the coming months to surge ahead despite less time and so many distractions. We’ll go through your plan in detail, tweak where it’s needed and refine if there’s fuzziness so that you’re all set to build on your 2016 successes for the New Year.

This coaching is exclusive to Masterminders: I rarely offer one-to-one coaching to anyone but existing Mastermind clients.

Super Small Groups: 

Unlike many other Mastermind programs, I specialise in super small group work. Each group has no more than 6 people, so we all get to speak and everyone has a spotlight session every other session. This means not only means more attention on your question, but we’ll have time to drill deeper and create more compelling results.

I also firmly believe in capping out a group when it’s woven together perfectly. I never fill a group to capacity just because I can. Masterminds that are filled with people who aren’t matched for goals, achievements and speed to action will never be as satisfying as small, beautifully curated groups. This is why many clients stay with me for years (or return years later missing this special group dynamic).

The brilliance of a group is determined entirely by the mix. This is why together we’ll make sure you’re a perfect fit, if not, I’ll recommend one-to-one coaching, other programs or add you to the waitlist as your perfect group forms.


BONUS: Exclusive access to Masterclass training:

Monthly 1 hour Masterclass training

I’ve recently added a whole extra dimension to my Masterminds with a year long program of deep-dive training for Masterminders.

It’s included for all current Masterminders in all programs. This is a paid program for everyone else at $97 per MasterClass

I’ve set up a program of 1 hour training MasterClasses – over the year, we’ll cover everything from non-sleasy sales calls, the anatomy of a sales pages, film techniques you can use in your business, coaching questions to use with clients (and in your own life) and all sorts of great stuff. The program is new and is going down a storm with my current Masterminders, you’ll not only have access – you’ll be able to request particular training too.

BONUS: Exclusive access to Mastermind Get it DONE co-working days:

‘Get it DONE’ days – Co-working Mastermind sessions

These are 3 hour zoom sessions, where we meet, we discuss… and we GET IT DONE.

Over the year, roughly every 3 months, we get to some of those tasks we mean to… but perhaps never actually quite get to. In these interactive co-working Mastermind sessions, you’ll finally, GET IT DONE.

Together we’ll look at our about pages, our home page, update our testimonials even our optin ebooks. First up – we’ll finally get that full social media calendar written for the whole year.

Together we’ll share thoughts and ideas… and then break for an hour or so as we ‘GET IT DONE’. Then we’ll come back and share what we have. Result? One big to-do off the list and whole lot of stuff moved along.

These days are for current Masterminders and will be limited to 12 people so that we keep it tight and focused.

Together this is over 24 hours of training and contact time – for free – just because you’re an ace Masterminder


*Investment in the region of $1600 a month x 10 months


Who’s this Mastermind Training for?

Having read this far, you’ve probably already got a pretty good idea if this is for you or not

– but just to really spell it out…

This Program IS for you if:

You want to implement all you’ve learned at the Art of Becoming Known

You know there’s work to be done and you want to ensure you don’t lose momentum when you get home. You want to get this thing DONE

You love sharing ideas and get energised by being part of a team

Often the biggest breakthroughs come when sharing thoughts about someone else’s business.

You’re a goal setter and most importantly a goal achiever

You know it’s time to get on and get things done. Our accountability will give you that extra push

You turn up ready to get on with things

Love working as part of a team and want to see everyone rise together? Then this is the place for you.

You know you have much more potential than you’ve realised in the last year

This is the group to stretch you and keep you accountable. Together we’ll help you create realistic stretch goals that will make sure you get things done.

You’ve tried other Masterminds and you’re ready for one that’s actually effective (and fun)

Because we all know there are some terrible ones out there. That’s why I train other coaches how to run great groups. It’s why Jonathan chose me to run his Masterminds on the GLP Immersion. Here’s to an end to bad Masterminds!

You are a happy, positive person… most of the time

It can be tough in business, and your Mastermind team will be there to buoy you up through the less than sparkly times. But overall, you’re an energetic, positive soul. Your team is going to make you giggle and get going

This Program is NOT for you if:

You don’t play well with others

We’re a team and we want you to be part of that. So if you have a tendency to bully others with your thoughts, this isn’t for you.

You’d really rather have one to one coaching

I take almost no one-to-one clients at the moment as my main focus is Mastermind. That said, I do have an intensive ‘Find the $$’ program – a deep dive into your business, that in 90 minutes will reveal much about where you’re leaving money on the table.  Results are amazing, but it’s not suited to every business.

The program will be re-launching April.
Outside of Find the $$, I only work one-to-one with Mastermind clients, as part of their program.

The cost creates financial hardship

You can always set up a free Mastermind group – they can be excellent. In March I’ll have a free guide to help you set them up – join the main mailing list on the home page and I’ll send it to you when it’s ready.

Do be aware though, that even with excellent plans and advice – free Mastermind groups are usually nowhere near as effective as paid ones, for the simple reason there isn’t a coach involved and as there’s no payment to be there, participants tend to be a lot less committed to their outcomes. But on the rare occasion, they can be great. Good luck!

You’re hoping that joining a Mastermind will mean you don’t have to do the work as well

Sadly, you’ll still need to put the hours. We can discuss your business and give you great suggestions and thoughts – but if you don’t put in the time to accomplish your goals, you’re just not going to get there. Sorry, no magic pixies are going to come and do it for you.

Recently you’ve found yourself whining more than being positive about your business

Yes, it’s tough sometimes but going on about how hard it is will not make a difference. Actually changing your mindset and how you work will. These groups will be with you all the way if you’re pulling with us, not against us. Collaboration starts with a positive attitude.

You can’t make at least 85% of the Mastermind calls

We want a regular committed team and you have to be there on almost all the calls for that happen

You don’t like swearing

Sorry, I’m from Dublin by way of Liverpool and London and that’s just how I roll; a certain amount of colourful language goes with the territory.

You don’t like cake

Really, I’m sure you’re lovely – but if you don’t like cake, any cake of any sort… then we just can’t be friends.

You don’t like giggling

Business doesn’t have to be dull or serious – we get a lot done, but we also giggle right the way through it. In my case, there is a strong potential for this to be a cake related sugar high.

You’ve got it all sorted out already

If you find it easy to hit all your goals every time and have three or four mentors who are titans in their fields and give you great advice, and you’re already part of an amazing, totally uplifting Mastermind group. Really, you’re already getting the best bits – more power to your (cake holding) elbow!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Then book a chat

How much time is this going to take each month?

Allow around half a day spread over the month: this includes time for the Mastermind calls and in the Facebook group.

If you’d like even more from the group – then do set up extra private calls with the other Masterminders whenever you like. Accountability calls and discussing things in more depth are always good.

And of course, you’re going to need time to work on your goals and actually implement all the good stuff we’re discussing in group. Often Masterminders meet to share working time together ‘get it done’ hours – where they meet online, set a goal for an hour and then meet back when it’s done.

Mastermind groups are for people who want to make sure their goals happen. So only join, if you know you are ready to knuckle down and achieve.

What if I miss a session?

You’ll get the support of the group and we’ll miss you. But lets be clear there are no refunds for missed sessions – that’s to encourage you not to miss anything. Regular attendance is how you get the most benefit from the Mastermind.

We record all the sessions so you can catch up on what you missed listening to the audio file.

Also please add your goals for the next session in the private Facebook group and gives us check in that way.

But of course I understand things come up and major life events happen. Just contact me and we can work round most things.

Will it be recorded?

Well assuming hideous tech monsters don’t attack us mid session (and just once I was running a group in a building that was hit by lightening mid call – so tech errors can be fairly random). But assuming that doesn’t happen, I share the audio file after the Mastermind session – sometimes the video file too, if there’s a lot of screen sharing (or I’m on particularly fast wifi!)

The audio file is pleasingly small so you can load onto your mp3 player or phone and listen to anywhere you fancy – in the car or on your commute are obviously ideal, but the washing up seems a popular choice.

What if I change my mind?

I get it – this isn’t cheap, it’s a big time commitment and that can feel scary. That’s why I ask everyone joining the group to make an application, talk to me and then have a long think to be sure this is truly a great fit.

Committing to the Mastermind is a big step –  not just for you, but for your Mastermind group too. You’re joining a team of people who’ll miss you if you leave halfway through. Because, we truly are a team. We take time to learn about your business so we can help with every step towards your goal. Sure, it’s you putting in the work, but we invest our time and concern in you. We want – expect, even – to see you as deeply committed to your goals as we are. Only fair, really.

Together we’ll plan, strategise and hold the space for everything you need to do to achieve your goals. Frankly, if you leave before the end of the program, it leaves a hole. We’ll miss you. Actually, more than that – we’ll have poured our love and time into helping you, and you’re letting us down if you give up early. We might even feel just a little bit cheated. We love you, we believe in you and we want you to do well, not lie on the floor sobbing that it was all rather difficult. We’ll miss your voice in the calls helping the group – your opinion matters to the group dynamic. We’re a team and no Masterminder gets left behind. If you go in with a wishy washy feeling about all this, you’re not a team player. We want you all in. Just the same as we are.

So, be certain you want your goals. Be certain we can help you. Talk to me, to be sure this is the group for you and that I’m the right coach for you. So that’s why, I have very simple Terms and Conditions. Really, there’s just one for this premium program:

No refunds

Yes, that seems harsh. But Mastermind groups work because the team are committed to achieving their goals and we’re all in it for the long haul. Be certain this is for you and we’ll be here for you through hell or high water. If you’re wishy washy – then think again. Commit. It’s the only way to be sure of achieving your goals.

That said, obviously we understand life happens and big things can sometimes get in the way.

So if something major comes up in your life, talk to me and we can probably work round it.  And by work round it, I mean, potentially slot you into the next Mastermind cycle, or perhaps slide you into another time slot if I can at all manage that. However, if it’s simply you’re not sure – or you’ve changed your mind –  then this Mastermind isn’t for you.

But if you are bold and brave and you really want to change things in your business, then step up and commit and this – right here, right now – is where you take the next big step to actually making that happen.

Are you going to take everyone who applies?

In short: no.

Masterminds are brilliant things – but they’re not for everyone. You need to be a team player and ready to give as much as you receive. And for this Mastermind group you’ll need to be already making money in your business, or have done so in the recent past, and be ready to take massive action in 2017.

This is a group for people who are READY. Who had a good year last year, but know it’s time to ramp it up in 2017.

So I’ll be reviewing all the applications personally and making sure we only interview the right people and then only accept the very best fit, both for you and for the group.

A Mastermind group can be the most powerful catalyst in your business. They’ve changed my business out of all recognition and given me some of the best business advice I’ve ever had. They’ll keep you on track and hitting your goals week after week. We’ll share information and we’ll give you feedback and support every step of the way.


…if you’re very unclear on what is the shape of your next steps is to begin with, then one-to-one coaching is probably better for you right now.

These Mastermind teams are for people ready to run and really achieve their goals. If you’re a little iffy in places we can help, if you’re completely overwhelmed on where to start, I can recommend some great coaches for you. Also this isn’t for you if you’re suffering mental health issues right now, if you’ve conquered them, that’s aces – but if you’re still struggling, then this isn’t for you right now. There’s a full list of who it is and isn’t for below, scroll on down

Who are you and why should I care?

Check out the full testimonial page here. We’re adding more all the time – so do check them out.

For more about me check the about page.

But the short answer is I’m one of very few Mastermind specialists. This is my zone of genius and I am quietly working to make sure that the quality of Masterminds is improved everywhere through my work with other coaches, both running groups for them and training coaches in my International Coaching School to run their own truly kick-ass groups. I learned how to do this from years working in film putting highly skilled film crews together, while running my own business. And now I’m more than mildly Mastermind obsessed.

However, my true obsession is, of course, cake. It’s a metaphor for life. A very delicious metaphor at that. I consider myself a cake connoisseur.

Can't I just start a free Mastermind?

You could, yes.  But there’s a problem with free Mastermind groups. And that’s the level of commitment of the other members of the group.  Often free groups don’t last very long as no-one has any skin in the game. So odds are very low you’ll end up with that amazing Mastermind experience that completely transforms your business.

My Masterminds are truly transformative. People I’ve worked with have seen their business double in 6 months, tripled their subscribers, and gotten their first 10k client.  In one to one calls, I’ve regularly helped people see where they’re leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

Paying for a Mastermind means you really commit.  You’ve got a reason to turn up and pay attention and you’re with other people who want to achieve more. And you have an experienced coach facilitating and managing the structure of the process.

Want to achieve more? Then commit.

How will it be billed?

Payment is by Paypal so you can pay with a credit card, your bank account or your paypal balance

If you don’t have a Paypal account you can still use the PayPal form to pay using a credit card.

And if I might add – consider getting a PayPal account – they’re very convenient. 

Does the Mastermind guarantee success?

Hell no! You have to do the work. If you’re looking for a magic bullet then this is not the place for you. We can, and will, support, suggest and encourage. But we cannot make your company successful for you. There’s a lot of hard work to be done and we will help in every way we can.

Ultimately it’s down to you. But with your teammates cheering you on – and expecting you to do well – you are going to have more momentum behind you.

Want more? Do more. Get advice and implement. We cannot wait to see how well you do.

What they’re saying:

Check out more lovely things people are saying on the Testimonial page

We found $200,000 in 90 minutes (then another $140k 10 minutes later)

Simple tweaks to how I ask for business and manage my client referrals are set to double turnover in the coming year. It really was amazing how quickly Liz got to the heart of where we could improve things. And the changes are so simple to implement.

Michael Francis

Owner & Photographer, Michael Francis Photography, Toronto, Canada, Michael Francis Photography

She swoops in like a superhero and calms the chaos that's been running your world

In one session, Liz helped me distill my decades of professional experience, assumptions, values, fears, passions and confusion into a crystal ball of realization. So just imagine what one of her Mastermind programs will do for your career and/or life.

She swoops in like a superhero and calms the chaos that's been running your world for far too long. It's her sneaky ability to wallop you upside the head with amazing clarity, been-there-done-that wisdom, and a huge dose of enthusiasm that that will make you say, “Where have you been all my life?"

Matt Olin

Owner, Matt Olin Creative, Charlotte, NC, USA, Matt Olin Creative

I finally started to make consistent monthly income that continues to grow

Liz Scully is my go-to when I am stuck. While working with her, she has coached me through the fundamentals of fine tuning my vision, avatar, and messaging. The year of masterminding with her, my list grew 4x, my copywriting had more impact on my readers, I finally started to make consistent monthly income that continues to grow, and discovered my overall inner confidence strengthened and I really stepped into owning my value. Basically... if you choose not to work with Liz, you'll miss out insane amounts of growth and lots of full-bellied giggles. It was an honor to work with such a caring and yet badass superwoman as Liz!

Christina Salerno

Founder & Lead Quirkologist, Living Quirky, NYC, USA, Living Quirky

I was a wreck business wise – but now I’m following my passion

Before I started masterminds and coaching with miss Liz Scully, I was a wreck business wise – but now I’m following my passion, my dream and creating a business that I love.

Brandon Wagner

Owner/Designer Easy Garden BagsOwner/Designer Easy Garden Bags, Baltimore, Maryland, Easy Garden Bag

You could be landing some really hard news and yet, it comes across so gentle and wise

I love how you give feedback. It’s why you are really, really excellent at running masterminds. I always feel confident you’ll give me clear help, whether we’re discussing course structure, website copy or business plans. Even your voice is soothing. You could be landing some really hard news and yet, it comes across so gentle and wise.

Mel Charbonneau

Co-Founder, Madison, USA, Fellow Flowers

It's personal growth, but it's absolutely related to my work

I realized that one of the things the group has been really helping me with is in confidence building. I need to have more confidence in myself and the way I work.

So, I don't know if this is typical Mastermind stuff, but it's a big part of what I've been taking from our group. Simply having one of my group say that she thinks I do handle conflict well made me think about how many outdated scripts and stories I'm telling myself. It's really been a huge help to me -- it's personal growth, but it's absolutely related to my work.

Sutton Long

Art director & Owner, Sutton Long Graphic Design, San Francisco, USA, Sutton Long Graphic Design

Liz Scully is our Mastermind Guru

Liz Scully is our Mastermind Guru for the Amazing Career Project and my Amazing Career Certification Program for coaches.I chose her program to compliment my deep training because the powerful, unique support of Liz's Masterminds helps my clients in practical, effective ways as they move forward applying everything they've learned.

Kathy Caprino

Women's Career Coach, Leadership Trainer, and Founder of, The Amazing Career Project

Liz is a master at managing the masters

She’s above and beyond in her support. If you’re considering, jump in. It’s a brilliant chance to revamp or start up with support.

Heidi Marshall

Director & Actor Coach, NYC,

A support system that holds you to your highest and supports you during your lowest

During the year I spent in one of her masterminds, I experienced two of the most challenging experiences of my life and Liz was right there, through and through, reminding me each step of the way of my successes and accomplishments, what was working and what was right, the light within the dark.

Liz's support (as well as the support of the other angels in my Mastermind group) was off the charts, when I needed it most and that's what stands out to me most. If you're looking to tap into a support system that holds you to your highest and supports you during your lowest then join one of Liz's masterminds, you won't regret it.

Ken Fried

Creator & Coach at Ken Fried, Florida, USA,

Dropping a well-placed 'f$ck' at just the right moment in a coaching session

No one is better than Liz at dropping the well-placed 'f$ck' at just the right moment in a coaching session. Her sense of humor makes it easier to digest hard but necessary truths one might not like to face. She's no-bullshit, compassionate coach.

In mastermind groups, Liz ensures that everyone feels heard and asks questions that lead to greater insights for the person in the hot seat and the entire group. I emerge from Liz's Mastermind with greater clarity and direction for my business. In one-to-one coaching, Liz delivers practical, actionable steps that yield immediate results. As soon as I get off the call, I leap into action and get more done than I have for the week before. 

Kerra Bolton

CEO, Working Title Media, Raleigh, NC, USA, Working Title Media

She made the whole process smoother for our clients and easier for us

Liz was instrumental in helping to structure our Mastermind program for the 2015 GLP Immersion program. From intake interviews to group organization and then facilitation, she made the whole process smoother for our clients and easier for us.

Bottom line - if you want someone to help organize and lead Masterminds for your organization, or if you want to participate in a well run, joyful, results-oriented group, Liz is a great person to work with.

Jonathan Fields

Entrepreneur and founder, The Good Life Project

Highly recommended if you want to do it right first time

Quite honestly I have no idea what I’d have done without Liz to guide me. It’s not enough just to have people who want to join you in a mastermind you also have to deliver massive value and know how to do that in a structured format beneficial to all members.

Liz wasn’t afraid to point out my stupid ideas (in a gentle way) and she delivered massive value to me and I’m not sure I could have done it without her. Highly recommended if you want to do it right first time.

Tim Brownson

Life Coach who Gets People Unstuck, A Daring Adventure

Read more testimonials here

When’s it all going down?

The group will run every two weeks on a Wednesday for 10 months Feb- November 2017. Every quarter you’ll have a check in with a different experienced Mastermind facilitator so you can rate your progress through the year.  So that you’ll have regular meetings lots of support, but also time to breathe as you dig deep into your audacious goals and plans.

We meet once every two weeks for ten months using a powerful online video forum called Zoom. It’s easy to use and a friendly place where you can see and hear each participant. Each call is two hours, to allow for everyone to share and give input.

What you get

20 Mastermind Sessions

(2 x a month over 10 months)

3×1 hour coaching call with Liz

2 bonus to open/close the year

Super small groups

Minimum 3 – max 6 to a group

Private Facebook group

Access to exclusive client MasterClass training program over the year

Even more exclusive access to ‘Get it Done’ co-working days

Mastermind support for all of 2017

Early bird price only: $999

A saving of over $5000 on the full price of $15,000

Early bird closes Midnight 8 Jan – don’t delay

This offer only available for:








*Investment in the region of $1600 a month x 10 months


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